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Proving that cannabis can and should be better

On The Rocks Cannabis with Dominoes

Cannabis, On The Rocks

Concentrates, redefined.
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Microdosing is often associated with psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin, but it’s also an increa…
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Anatomy of a Nug

Evaluating a Nug All nugs are made up of the same parts: The cola, bracts, trichomes, sugar leaves, fan lea…
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All About Terpenes

Learn how terpenes may work together with cannabinoids to positively impact health, and how to choose the r…
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Bits Cannabis Edibles with Adaptogens

Announcing Bits, the Gentler Edible

Meet Bits, the gentle, adaptogen-boosted cannabis edible.
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For years, we were told to just say no – Verano is rewriting the narrative. We say yes to plant progress, to the bold exploration of cannabis. Join us.

Verano Brands

Cannabis oils, edibles, vapes, and more. Let us help you find your favorite.

How we grow

Humbled by the power of this plant, we handcraft consistently elevated cannabis goods for every desire, taste, and comfort level. Nationwide, we:

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    Grow 160+ organic, proprietary strains

    We ensure each Verano plant is organic, local, and exceptionally effective—every time.
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    Cultivate our premium flower in-house

    We entrust our cannabis experts, alone, to cultivate each of our exceptional strains.
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    Go above and beyond quality standards

    With precision and pride, we verify the dosage and cannabinoid quality of every Verano product, from sleep gummies to body balm.

Cannabis Education for Every Desire, Taste, and Comfort Level

All are welcome here. Whether you’re a newcomer or a cannabis connoisseur, we’re honored to share our expertise with you.

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At our cannabis dispensaries, we’re lavish with our top-tier focus on hospitality, our premium ingredients, and those who put their trust in us.

is contagious.

Mission Green

Cannabis is gaining acceptance nationwide, and our legal system should reflect the progress. The Weldon Project’s Mission Green is a leader in clemency, expungement, and pardons for persons currently or formerly incarcerated due to nonviolent cannabis-related charges. The nonprofit has a personal connection to the issue; it was founded by Weldon Angelos after serving 13 years of a 55-year sentence.
Verano Supports Mission Green


Because our legal system should reflect cannabis’ growing acceptance.

Verano Pennsylvania Cannabis Cultivation

Center on Halsted

Verano is honored to continue its annual Pride Month partnerships with COH through volunteer events and donations. This past June the Verano Team had the pleasure of serving local seniors at COH’s Senior Town Hall dinner along with making a $5,000 donation to support their mission of securing the health and well-being of the LGBTQ people of Chicagoland. Verano participates in the senior dinner every June.
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Because community is everything, we’re proud to support these outstanding social organizations.

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Our Work Lights Us Up

We’re electrified by cannabis curiosity.
You too? Check out Verano careers.