Mission Green Spotlight: Danny Trevino

Anatomy of a Nug

Evaluating a Nug All nugs are made up of the same parts: The cola, bracts, trichomes, sugar leaves, fan leaves, and pistils. But how do you know if your nug is a good one? So glad you asked. Marina Mikkelsen, our VP of National Cultivation, gave us a crash course on what to look for…

Cannabis Research & Development

Research and development, or R&D, is pivotal. The constant search for something new, something better, shows dedication to a cause, and a commitment to those that follow it.  Our Research and Development teams are key pieces to the cannabis puzzle, making it possible for us to create pre...

Form Factor 101: Non-Smokable

Fact: You don’t have to smoke to enjoy cannabis. We consulted some of our very own team members about edibles, tinctures, and topicals; how these non-smokable form factors are made, and how best to use them.