A Heavenly High

Holy Union Infused Joints thc

Crumble-Infused Pre-roll

A pre-roll worth the pilgrimage. Cannabis flower is delicately ground, infused with strain-specific crumble, and carefully rolled for a heavenly smoke with every toke.
Holy Union Snowcone Infused Joint thc

Oil-painted, Kief-coated Pre-roll

Like stained glass, this divine infusion is a work of art. Cannabis flower, rolled to perfection and painted in cannabis oil, then anointed in strain-specific kief for a divine pre-roll experience.
Holy Union Infused Joints thc

Hash-infused Pre-roll

Hash-infused pre-rolls are a cannabis blessing. Cannabis flower, carefully ground, is infused with ice water extracted hash for a spiritual and delicious experience.

At our cannabis dispensaries, we’re lavish with our top-tier focus on hospitality, our premium ingredients, and those who put their trust in us.

is contagious.

Cannabis Education for Every Desire, Taste, and Comfort Level

Activated by cannabis curiosity, we can’t help but share our learnings with everyone we meet. So whether you’re a newcomer or a connoisseur, it’s our absolute pleasure to show you around.

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