Get More (or Less) for Less

Stay wallet smart with value pricing no matter how big (or small) you decide to go.

Savvy States of Mind Vapes

Tasty Terps

From happy and chatty to blissfully at ease, Savvy 300mg pens and 1g carts offer a state of mind. Find yours in Happy Hour, Vacay, Kickback, and Sleepover. Available in AZ, FL, IL, MD, MA, NV, OH, and PA.

Savvy Uncensored Untrimmed Bud

%$*& the filters

Flower, unfiltered. Savvy Uncensored is flower in raw form; rough cut, small buds at a get-more-for-less price. More sizes, more savings. Available in IL and MD.

Savvy Guap High Dose Edibles

Short Stacks, High Dose

Savvy Guap gummies are money, loaded with 25 or 50 mg THC in one bite-sized piece for a high you’ll crave. Taste the green in Jungle Juice (fruit punch) or Blue Magic (blue raspberry). Available in IL.

Savvy Portable Bud

Double Down

Double down on bud you love. Whether your MO is grind-pack-repeat or a stash to fuel each sesh to come, 7- and 14-gram have you covered. Available in AZ, FL, IL, MD, MA, NV, OH, and PA.

The Savvy Gallery

  • Savvy OG Green Cannabis Art


    The original Savvy design. Pop-art inspired. The brand’s Big Bang moment, unlocking an entirely new category for Verano.
  • Savvy Cannabis Art Uncensored


    Genuine evolution of form, channeling our community and the vision of Chicago pop- and multi-media artist @jacobwayneart.
  • Savvy Cannabis Art Old English


    Old English. Medieval meets contemporary, inspired by boutique [high] fashion.
  • Savvy Guap Jungle Juice Cannabis Art


    Crack the safe for edible cheddar. Hand-drawn pack designs by Las Vegas artists @llkingkig and @orfinart.

Stash Savvy

At our cannabis dispensaries, we’re lavish with our top-tier focus on hospitality, our premium ingredients, and those who put their trust in us.


Cannabis Education for Every Desire, Taste, and Comfort Level

Activated by cannabis curiosity, we can’t help but share our learnings with everyone we meet. So whether you’re a newcomer or a connoisseur, it’s our absolute pleasure to show you around.

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