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Anatomy of a Nug

Evaluating a Nug All nugs are made up of the same parts: The cola, bracts, trichomes, sugar leaves, fan leaves, and pistils. But how do you know if your nug is a good one? ...
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Cannabis Research & Development

Research and development, or R&D, is pivotal. The constant search for something new, something better, shows dedication to a cause, and a commitment to those that follo...

Form Factor 101: Non-Smokable

Fact: You don’t have to smoke to enjoy cannabis. We consulted some of our very own team members about edibles, tinctures, and topicals; how these non-smokable form fa...
Cannabis Strains

All About Terpenes

Learn how terpenes may work together with cannabinoids to positively impact health, and how to choose the right terpene combination for you.

Form Factor 101: Smokable

See also – Form Factor 101: Non-Smokable If you’ve ever smoked a joint or savored a hit from a cannabis vape, you’ve consumed a smokable cannabis form fac...