Verano Doubles Down with Double Barrel Exclusive Partnership

November 13, 2018

CHICAGO and LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Verano Holdings, LLC (Verano™) today announced it has entered a partnership with Double Barrel, LLC, makers of the world’s first, connoisseur-class dual-oil chamber vaporizing system, for exclusive distribution by Verano throughout the US, excluding California and Nevada. Double Barrel, created for the sophisticated-yet-overlooked connoisseur, has a patented, high-end design utilizing Flex Circuit Technology for precise heat ramp, giving the consumer the very best mouth feel, taste, and cannabinoid and terpene activation on the market today.

“Verano is synonymous with luxury, finest quality organic cannabis that is serviced with the utmost personal care by highly trained professionals in our Zen Leaf dispensaries. What better way to extend the Verano high-touch, high quality experience than through an exclusive partnership with Double Barrel to deliver the smoothest, most customizable and unique vaping experience available,” stated Sam Dorf, Verano Chief Strategy Officer. “Verano’s multi-state footprint reaches some of the most discerning customers who value our luxury, organic brands and who desire accessories with the panache and the same superior level of quality – which Double Barrel delivers with both barrels.”

“We’ve applied the most advanced vaping technology and manufacturing techniques to the Double Barrel which allow for a precision, controlled smooth pull from combining multiple suppliers’ premium strains without the concern of double dosing,” stated Double Barrel’s Chief Brand Officer Ann Skalski. “Verano and Double Barrel share a passion for superior quality, exquisite taste and operational excellence taken to a whole new level, making Verano the ideal partner for sharing our Double Barrel products with the world.”

Double Barrel vaporizers initially will be distributed by Verano’s Zen Leaf dispensaries and other affiliated dispensaries in Illinois by mid -December – just in time to treat yourself for the holidays.  Verano will quickly expand distribution to Maryland, Nevada, and Florida in first quarter 2019, with additional states to follow in 2019.

Double Barrel achieved notoriety for partnering with L.A. jeweler Gerard Alexander of Saint Jewels to create the Double Barrel Diamond, the world's first $100,000 vaporizer. Clocking in at 180 grams of solid white gold and studded with over 3,000 21-carat diamonds, each device is made to order.

“While we would be happy to facilitate custom orders for bejeweled Double Barrel vaporizers, we’re thrilled to offer every customer who purchases any Double Barrel vaporizer the equally smooth premium mouth feel, taste, with cannabinoid and terpene activation that one would get in the $100,000 diamond-crusted Double Barrel,” noted Anthony Marsico, Verano Chief Retail Operating Officer. “Verano’s premium oils, combined with the Double Barrel vaporizer, promises to deliver the brightest vaporizing experience anywhere.”

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